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Rhiannon Yandell


Rhiannon Yandell is a Resident Artist at 317 Art Collective and owner of Linear Chaos

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Original Artwork Currently Available

Peter Swanson
Resident Artist

Artist/Photographer/Urban Hiker/Urban Explorer/Street Photographer/Bicyclist/iPhoneographer

Peter grew up in Rockford an aspiring Cartoonist, left for college in central Illinois to become an Oil Painter, got lost wandering cross-country for a while, and became a Chef for the past 25 years. Then the pandemic hit and paused his life, as it did for most, for nearly two years. During that turbulent time Peter got back into bicycling, bought an iPhone with a kick-ass camera, and he just took off…


Giving up on his car Peter chose to challenge himself by biking and hiking everywhere he wanted to go. Nearly every day at any given time, every weather changing season, and all along the way creating a deep passion for capturing the little moments that we fly by. The further and further his travels took him Peter fell deeper in love with recording all these new, and often quite hard to reach, places to be discovered and recorded.


Peter’s artwork is created using an iPhone, some digital technologies, and his bicycle with some hiking shoes. He challenges himself to find those little, maybe forgotten, moments in time that others maybe have passed by a thousand times.


“Wherever my adventures take me, I remember I’m always halfway home.”

 Peter J. Swanson – 2020


“The best camera, is the one that you have with you.”

Chase Jarvis – 2019


“You take pictures with your heart, your eyes, how you look, how you see and how you perceive in your mind; the equipment has very little to do with it in a way.”

Annie Leibovitz - 2019

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