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Art In Motion
on Summer Break Until August

Art In Motion is a free after school program for RPS205 students in partnership with the American Rescue Plan Elementary and

Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER).


The program takes place at 317 Art Collaborative at 317 Market Street in Rockford from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.

Students will participate in one studio arts class, one yoga/mindfulness class, and one integrated class each week over a six-week

session themed around topics of cultural, historical, and personal relevance to students’ lives.

Studio Arts: 1 day per week—Students will study a technique, artist, or style through experiential project- based process focused around the theme of the session. Students can expect to explore color theory, elements of design, media-based technical instruction, and art history.

Yoga/Mindfulness: 1 day per week—Students will practice yoga, movement, and creative visualizing during the yoga class each week. Instruction will also include prompted journaling, calming and self-regulation technique instruction.

Integrated Day: 1 day per week—Students will have a blended experience that integrates studio art process with mindfulness, visualization and creative movement.

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