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Joei Krutza


Joei Krutza is a Resident Artist at 317 Art Collective and owner of JSK Art and Design Studio


Joseph Krutza
Resident Artist

Joei began his love of art through comic books as a kid. He learned to draw through this medium initially, and has incorporated other styles into this work. Initially planning to attend art school, he instead received a BA in Financial Accounting and worked in the HR field for the majority of his adult life. During the Covid pandemic, art became a release for Joei and exploring different mediums and styles helped to provide a reprieve during this stressful time. His art is mixed medium and digital art. While the style has changed, there are still qualities reminiscent of comic book artwork that can be seen in his work. Subject matter in his work ranges from the beautiful to the morbid, and anything in between. Joei is the owner of The Angry Penguin Art, LLC for his work that is more adult themed, but has a DBA of JSK Art and Design Studio that his commercial work is available through. 

Joei has been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion for many years and carried this ideology into his HR career. After he left HR and worked for Keller Williams as their accountant, he was presented with the opportunity to help build a Social Equity committee with the company that he helps and meets with weekly after he left the company to pursue a full time career in art. This committee is dedicated to education and building community through discussion on subjects such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ect. Once a month, Keller Williams hosts a rotating scheduled class on subjects ranging from the Importance of Seeing Color, Microaggressions, Fair Housing, and many more available to the community in hopes of building leaders in the community to help provide a platform for those who have traditionally been marginalized.

Original Artwork Currently Available
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